PV monitoring as a service – Added value for customers?

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We take a closer look at this question from various perspectives. What sort of solutions are offered by PV monitoring? What are the benefits for plant owners and installers? And what does the future look like in this area? What is PV monitoring? But let’s start from the beginning. What exactly is PV monitoring? A PV plant generates electricity, which in turn is fed into the grid or consumed directly. The monitoring system now tracks whether the expected electricity is actually generated or whether there are losses. If a fault occurs, i.e. less PV electricity is generated than is possible,...


Insights into the Chinese energy revolution

The German energy management manufacturer Solare Datensysteme (SDS) is a welcomed partner all over the world – in China as well. SDS, the expert for PV monitoring and management systems, has had an office in China since 2016. With a population of about 1.37 billion...

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Installers around the world

Three different countries, three different working conditions, one profession: solar installer. At first glance, there are many differences, but the goals are the same. Solar PV energy is not a local phenomenon, but rather a global industry where similar solar...

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PV Plant Monitoring with Alexa Voice Service

What if you could just ask about the status of your PV plant? The Alexa Voice Service devices have already made themselves at home in many living rooms. Why not use this option to connect to your PV plant? It helps incorporate PV energy a bit more into every life,...

Data logger with Voice Service

Feed-in Management in Practice

Fixed vs remotely adjustable power reduction Many plant operators in Germany are faced with a choice of installing a fixed or a remotely adjustable power reduction at their PV plant. With a fixed power reduction of the plant's output, the...

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