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PV system monitoring for Operations and Maintenance

When service providers, known as Operations and Maintenance (O&M), assume responsibility for the investments of others, they’re certainly aware that they’re taking on a great deal of responsibility for the success. That’s why they carefully select the...

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PV monitoring as a service – Added value for customers?

We take a closer look at this question from various perspectives. What sort of solutions are offered by PV monitoring? What are the benefits for plant owners and installers? And what does the future look like in this area? What is PV monitoring? But let’s start...

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Eco-energy in and from the hand of citizens

This appealing concept is being pursued by many people, especially in Germany, who are organised into cooperatives, committed to the energy transition and regional value creation. One example is the Black Forest Citizens’ Energy Cooperative (BES). Energy from...


Harnessing PV energy

The options for using self-generated PV energy have multiplied in recent years. Producing PV power and feeding it into the grid is just one of the many options. Now there is a corresponding solution for almost every application requirement for PV power. To...

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What electricity really costs

The Popular Transition to Clean Energy Looking at the prices for electricity in Europe and the ambitious project to make the transition to clean energy, one gets the impression that: The transition is driving up the price for electricity in Germany. That is why it...

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Feed-in Management in Practice

Fixed vs remotely adjustable power reduction Many plant operators in Germany are faced with a choice of installing a fixed or a remotely adjustable power reduction at their PV plant. With a fixed power reduction of the plant's output, the...

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