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Intersolar: New PV energy management system

Solare Datensysteme GmbH will be presenting the new Solar-Log Base PV energy management system at Intersolar 2019. The next Solar-Log™ generation combines smart functionality with greater flexibility for more efficient control, management and monitoring of PV...

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PV-Energie-Management System Solar-Log Base und Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4.0

Insights into the Chinese energy revolution

The German energy management manufacturer Solare Datensysteme (SDS) is a welcomed partner all over the world – in China as well. SDS, the expert for PV monitoring and management systems, has had an office in China since 2016. With a population of about 1.37 billion...

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Zwei Personen schütteln die Hand

Installers around the world

Three different countries, three different working conditions, one profession: solar installer. At first glance, there are many differences, but the goals are the same. Solar PV energy is not a local phenomenon, but rather a global industry where similar solar...

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Installateur bei der Arbeit

Facts about the energy management system Solar-Log™

110 countries, 273,098 monitored PV plants, 12 GWp total output. These are the key figures with which SDS concluded 2017 – an accomplishment that SDS is rather proud of. Despite the global PV market only having moderate growth, SDS was able to maintain and expand...

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