What if you could just ask about the status of your PV plant? The Alexa Voice Service devices have already made themselves at home in many living rooms. Why not use this option to connect to your PV plant? It helps incorporate PV energy a bit more into every life, increasing the presence of PV energy. This is the goal we pursued by developing Solar-Log™ Skill.


Ask Alexa – She knows the current status of your PV plant

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ allows PV plant owners to use the Alexa Voice Service to make verbal inquiries about their own PV plant information. Starting in August 2018, the new Solar-Log™ Skill will be available in Amazon’s Alexa Skills Store. Questions like: “Alexa, how is my plant?” or “Alexa, how much money have I earned with my plant?” are answered in either English or German. In this initial version, plant owners can also ask questions like “when is the best time to vacuum?” The answer is not based on how dirty the floor is, but rather on how much PV power is currently available and the expected PV surplus over the next two days.


What motivated us to do this?

Of course, this new function is by no means revolutionary for PV plant monitoring. We asked ourselves the question: How do you make PV energy more tangible and thus more interesting? The solution with Voice Service is just one step in reaching this goal. In our opinion, however, this is an important step in helping make PV energy more popular since you can easy get information on the benefits of having a PV plant. This gives you a better and, above all, faster insight into your own energy production.